Turning Veggie Scraps into Homemade Veggie Broth

What do you do with your veggie scraps? In the warmer months, we like to compost our scraps. But in the winter months, it is too cold for the food to break down. I was talking to a friend about what her family does during the winter months and she suggested making homemade vegetable broth. I found this recipe online and tried it for the first time over the weekend- it was easy and delicious! Now, I am keeping a large bag in the freezer to store my veggie scraps to make flavorful, homemade broth! And I used the broth when I made stir-fry for dinner on Sunday; instead of using water when I cooked the rice, I used the broth to add more flavor. Basic Vegetable Broth Makes: about 6 cups 1 T. oliv

5-Way Cincinnati Chili: Our Super Bowl Dinner

If you are not from Cincinnati, have you every tried Cincinnati Chili? And if you are from Cincinnati, have you ever made your own Cincinnati Chili or do yo always get Skyline or Gold Star Chili? I'm not originally from Cincinnati, so when I first moved to the area, my boyfriend (now husband) took me to Skyline Chili to experience this local favorite. Chili with cinnamon and allspice served over spaghetti? It was different, but I enjoyed it. Then, my mother-in-law shared with me her homemade recipe (below) and I love it. I always make it for Super Bowl Sunday and then create a Cincinnati Chili bar where we can add our own toppings: cheddar cheese, kidney beans, diced onions and oyster cracke


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