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Be A Cheerleader

You are valued. There are times when I need a little reminder myself. These 3 ideas always seem to help me:

1. Rephrase the word “should”. I sometimes catch myself saying I “should” be doing more of this or I “should” have more of that when I see others’ work. It’s important for us to rephrase the word “should” in our vocabulary. Instead of feeling like you “should” do something because of someone else, refocus and lean on your own goals and priorities. Remind yourself of your accomplishments with your personal feats and growth. The Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group (NEDPG) toolkit and Mentor program (both available to NEDPG members) can help you to define your strengths and goals to focus. The NEDPG toolkit provides guidance on writing a vision statement, an elevator speech and even includes an article on defining your purpose.

2. Keep a folder. I have a physical manila folder and an online folder with positive feedback, emails and comments I have received from clients, mentors, past co-workers and managers, students and interns. There are days when I need a little extra boost and reminder of how I have added value to a team or client or provided a memorable experience with a student or intern. We all provide value; we just need a reminder now and then.

3. Encourage other nutrition entrepreneurs and registered dietitians. Be a cheerleader! If you attend an NEDPG or any professional webinar or presentation, see an Instagram takeover story, or read a Ventures article you really enjoy, reach out to the presenter or author and let them know. Better yet, follow them on social media, like some of their posts and comment. We all experience imposter syndrome but, cheering on someone else who has made an impact on you, even slightly, can turn into a great connection or cheerleader for you.

I recently attended a training where a dietitian in a leadership role with the Academy presented. She shared with us her passions, excellent work examples and outreach. In the same presentation, she also shared with us some of her challenges and experiences she learned from, like wardrobe attire and a lapel mic. The presenter left before the end of the training, so I sent her an email note with a couple specific examples of why I enjoyed her presentation. She responded and shared how my email had made her day and encouraged me to stay in touch.

This article was written for the Spring 2020 Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietetic Practice Group Ventures Newsletter. Topic: Beating Imposter Syndrome: Opening up to Stop Feeling Like a Fraud.

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